Our team at Churchill is thankful for some wonderful neighborhood friendships — talented, giving people. In the shadow of the State Capitol, an overlooked contingent of entrepreneurs has survived city taxes and dry summers without the whirl of legislative foot traffic.

For over thirty years, Harrisburg legend Charlie Wise has served customers, from governors and television personalities to a stream of neighborhood regulars, with certain dignity and respect. The Walnut Street store he staffs by himself is stocked with dozens of styles of men’s hats, ties and an impressive inventory of Alden Shoes.

Charlie represents the classic principles of customer-centered service. In the era of generic mega-retailers, his shop stands as a refuge for the gentleman in search of unpretentious quality and predictable good cheer.

Once you’ve watched our tribute to Charlie Wise, we encourage you to meet him in person at 223 Walnut Street in downtown Harrisburg. If you let us know that you’re making the trip, we’ll pick up the tab on that first shine.

We think that once you’ve met our friend Charlie, you’ll be glad you did!