Corey Graham
Creative Director, Churchill Strategies

Designing editorial graphics for The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College is always one of the high points of my day. It’s creatively demanding in that the overall feel of The Center and its website is classic and strong, yet the subject matter is often edgy and sometimes controversial. The blending of these two flavors challenges me to think differently every time, and delivers the most rewarding result.

“The High-Stakes Showdown Over Medicare Reform”
The strong photo of twenties rolled up inside a pill bottle dictated the direction of this recent graphic. It’s a metaphor for the cash-strapped Medicare system, and the issues raised around it. The health-related theme called for modern fonts, whose colors were chosen to match the photo.

“Spring Contrasts: Madison, Wisconsin vs. Tuscaloosa, Joplin, and the Mighty Mississippi”
The feel of this article is summed up in the line “the American spirit that embodies altruism, self-sacrifice, and generosity remains alive and well.” Given the Spring theme, this called for a refreshing, feel-good image. A clear blue sky with flourishing grass and the illusion of 3D lettering did the trick.

“Tax Hikes are Coming — If Obama Gets His Way”
Tall pillars of a government building are blended with closeups of hundred-dollar bills in the background, darkened and colorized for stark contrast with the overlying text. The fonts are pure white, clean and strong, with a subtle row of dots for interest. It’s simple, yet speaks volumes.

“A Report from Tuscaloosa’s Ground Zero”
The article describes a trip to tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa. A high-contrast black-and-white photo of the damage is the background of the bold text. Red emphasizes the severity.