Free-market, pro-family organizations get the headliners thanks to the exploding galaxy of conservative media stars. A message delivered from a personality known intimately by Rush listeners and FOX News watchers has proven to be one of the most effective methods for expanding the contributors and stoking the fires of the loyal core.

Solving the event brand riddle for a public figure is a virtual Rubix Cube of multi-layered message challenges. Securing the big name is the first hurdle, the second is knitting together the organization’s brand with the image of the face on the invitation.

From the save-the-date card and invitation package to website and social media graphics to the on-screen visuals for event day — it’s all in the brand!

Pennsylvania Family Institute recently featured former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin at its annual fundraising gala in Hershey. While Mrs. Palin’s booking agency provided general parameters for design, the rest was up to us.

Sarah Palin