Israel Meme

  1. The Israelis have focused their communications strategy on convincing the unconvinced — not just posting for easy likes and shares.
  2. The information they’re sharing is substantive but visually simple and bold.
  3. Their team presents and repeats the same core assertion throughout an entire news cycle until the audience assumes their version of the narrative. They approach every issue with increasing levels of visual and messaging sophistication — laying out foundational facts before weaving them into the larger story.
  4. Social media is a primary way the Israeli government is igniting and holding key support audiences overseas. The use of social media is central, not a strategic afterthought to their “grassroots” and media messaging.
  5. Their team uses a smart mix of memes, mini-infographics, official video and animation to highlight the day’s message points. They don’t rely on one “product” to carry the day’s theme.
  6. Messaging is largely free from inflated rhetoric and characterizations. Their goal is to carefully, meticulously lead people through their set of well-organized, irrefutable facts.

No matter where you sit in the fight, what Israel is doing is brilliant and working. Hats off from the policy design team at Churchill Strategies. Think tanks and political message makers take note.

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