It’s estimated that Bethesda Mission meets the needs of half of the homeless population in Pennsylvania’s beleaguered capital. What’s even more remarkable is that they do it without a stipend from Uncle Sam — not one dollar.

You read that right.

When Harrisburg’s landmark “rescue mission” officially celebrates the century mark this September, it will highlight a massive human service network that includes a new — and rather pricey — state-of-the-art medical and dental clinic for the poor and underserved. Reaching far beyond the scope of its famous soup kitchen, men’s shelter and mobile mission outreach, Bethesda at 100 is a major hub of human service delivery for people at every level of need.

But it’s the way this non-profit organization underwrites its multimillion dollar budget needs that has become a head-scratching study for the fundraising professionals. Bethesda’s model defies the laws of economic gravity and nearly every trend in the world of development.

We asked Chuck Wingate, Executive Director of Bethesda Mission, how the organization he leads thrives as an oasis of hope in a troubled city.

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