The songs they sing fall loosely into a category called “American Roots,” a catchall moniker used to describe songs you might hear in the background of a Ken Burns documentary or wafting through the open windows of an all-night living room jam session. From revival hymns to toe-tapping bluegrass tunes penned by writers known only to musicologists, the playlist for a Micah and Abby Dunn show is a real find for music trivia lovers.

Musicians like the Dunns pick their music for the love of a great story, with nuance and drama that builds from the first stanza to the last phrase. Freed from commercial pressures that lop off fourth verses for radio play, the Dunn’s selections allow them to keep ideas in tact, and preserve every bit of a song’s whole truth.

In their inaugural album as a singing duo, Blackest Crow, the couple’s skill as storytellers and good singers showcase their mission to communicate life’s honest realities.

Churchill’s senior designer, Scott Cole, collaborated with the Dunns to create the album art for this exceptional music collection. Purchase the album at