Crisis Communication

In the fog of crisis, taking the next step is often the hardest, but most useful, advice. Carrying on with the routines of waking up, getting dressed, and engaging the next person are often the best antidote to paralyzing fear.

Like you, we’ve been through the fire of decision-making—balancing the need to protect family and reputation while developing strategies for life beyond survival. For individuals and organizations, it’s our highest privilege to help you stop, reflect, learn, and move forward.

Most importantly, we want you to navigate the present storm without compromising truth and integrity. When the crisis leaves, we want you to preserve what matters most.

Crisis strategy services:

  • Assisting family and team members impacted by the crisis event
  • Drafting and delivering statements to social and traditional media channels
  • Managing access to principles, family members, and associates
  • Preparing post-crisis communication and personal strategies
  • Developing a sound, principled approach to ongoing communication

That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake, I’ll never, no never, no never, forsake!
– Keen