Speech Writing & Presentation Development

“Be brief, be good, and be gone” is standard advice for aspiring public speakers. But balancing the need for content with authenticity and charisma makes being “good” elusive for many communicators. For those taking the stage, understanding the motive for speaking is most important. It’s impossible to find your true voice without first understanding the purpose of the moment.

Why have you been asked to speak? How can you serve the audience? What are the circumstances that led to the invitation? Who will be in the seats? What has the audience been through personally and professionally? How can the content be useful beyond the speech delivery date?

We’ll help you answer these questions and find the words fitted for the moment.

Churchill services:

  • Researching and creating original speech content
  • Discovering personal methods for speechmaking
  • Refining speechmaking skills
  • Reviewing personal appearance and style
  • Designing on-screen presentation visuals
  • Improving techniques for streamed or broadcasted events

I am going to make a long speech today; I haven’t had time to prepare a short one.
– Winston Churchill