The Churchill Team

Jeff Coleman

Founder & Principal

About Jeff

Jeff’s primary role at Churchill is to help each member of our family of clients understand the heart and direction of their message. With over 15 years of experience delivering high level and targeted messaging to audiences, he serves at the center of the brand process. Jeff is involved in all facets of message development from web and ad copy to speech writing and narrative development. His approach continually returns to a commitment of telling each story with grace and authenticity.

Amy Kulling

Director of Operations

About Amy

Amy is responsible for providing a seamless, professional engagement between the Churchill team and our family of clients. She meticulously oversees the completion and delivery of contract items, protects the accuracy and integrity of billing and supports team presentations and special projects. Amy’s careful attention to each detail of the process frees the design team to fully invest in the creative process.

Donna Ceperich

Director of Client Relations

About Donna

Donna holds over two decades of experience managing the customer experience and delivering commitments. With a longtime background serving senior-level military and business leaders, Donna is the primary liaison between valued clients and the Churchill creative team for the duration of a project or engagement. Her signature grace and thoughtful, thorough approach to service is a hallmark of every interaction.

Scott Cole

Creative Director

About Scott

Scott joined the Churchill team in 2012, bringing a gifted eye and design instinct that has produced some of our team’s most elegant, engaging brands and successful campaigns. From identity packages and book covers to magazine layouts and infographics, Scott serves all aspects of the design process for our family of clients. Scott is notoriously unwilling to shortcut and compromise good style and messaging for a substandard product. The result is an extraordinary product.

Corey Graham

Design Strategist

About Corey

As Churchill’s multi-talented digital design strategist, Corey is responsible for interpreting the brand’s messaging and communications goals through vivid, compelling websites and online campaigns. As a developer, designer, and videographer, he brings 20+ years of experience helping causes and organizations find their true brand. Corey maintains an intense commitment to delivering the best product possible for each client, while paying constant attention to the user experience.

Joel Schlaudt

Graphic Designer, Creative Writer

About Joel

With his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and his MBA in marketing, Joel loves design in all its forms. Though graphic design is his forte, he also brings photography, motion graphics, writing, and editing skills to the table, evidenced by a portfolio of award-winning work. Joel’s passion project is branding—creating a wholistic and professional image through his work that translates across all media to communicate meaning and connect with viewers personally. Not a native to the Keystone State, Joel originally hails from the Piney Woods of East Texas and small-town Southern life.

Josh Meade

Director of Planning & Project Development

About Josh
With more than 20 years of relevant experience, Josh brings an expert’s understanding of business administration and cutting-edge managerial capabilities to the Churchill team. The vast majority of his work has been within the non-profit sector, though he has been a part of consulting operations for small businesses as well. Josh’s office experience represents only a portion of his abilities, however, and he assists in the daily operations of the family organic farm, Dove Song Dairy, in his free time. His true passion is his family, resting at the center of all he does.

Andrew Baer


About Andrew

Andrew’s filmmaking career took hold after interning with a Baltimore based film company and hasn’t looked back since. He jumps into any role needed on set in order to aid the narrative. He values collaboration over competition and authenticity over fabrication — although he certainly enjoys crafting a pretty image.

When he’s not filming, he can be found hiking with his bride Riley and their golden retriever Reyna.

Matthew Stambaugh


About Matt
Matthew Stambaugh is an adventurer who focuses on emotion and making pretty pictures. Filmmaking began as a hobby through action sports but soon after evolved in to his profession. After attending Penn State for Marketing, he began his career as a story-teller and visual creator through moving images.

Matt loves crafting images with light and camera movement to fit the story and pursue emotional connection for the viewer. With that comes camera gear, and that is another story altogether.

Brad Blackburn

Motion Designer

About Brad

Brad is an accomplished visual artist providing skilled leadership and creative expertise to the design team. With a career in the creative services industry spanning nearly 20 years, Brad has had the fortune of serving a diverse range of clientele in areas of brand development, web, print, mobile, animation, live action art direction, and production design.

Drew Pocza


About Drew

Drew was wearing trench coats and wild hair in the 80s and reading underground comics from the 60s for long as he can remember. In virtually every environment he’s always enjoyed doing his own thing.

His love for creative things led him to earning a New York state license to cut hair, the future irony of becoming an art school dropout, and eventually going to Bible college to be a “cool” youth pastor. He’d let the license expire, never becoming a youth pastor, but uses his education now making fun art assets for leading national churches like Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church and New Spring.

Drew has had the privilege of working on projects for Nintendo, Xbox, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast, Waste Management, and more. His humorous cartoon style is well suited for kids’ ministries to mega corporations and everything in between.

In a sentence, this unusually gifted artist is a part-time yoga instructor and full-time illustrator, allowing him to be an avid tattoo collector. This is Drew.

Michael O’Connell

Political & Public Policy Strategist

About Michael

Michael O’Connell has been an active participant in Pennsylvania politics, working on presidential campaigns from Reagan in 1984 to Kasich in 2016, and for candidates at every level in between. He has worked for a wide range of corporate clients and advocacy groups, and several years ago led the fund-raising effort for the construction of the first Catholic seminary built from the ground up in North America in more than a generation.

Bob Manbeck

Senior Communications Strategist

About Bob
Bob has over 40 years of communications experience with a combination of corporate communications, community relations, media relations, speech writing and broadcast journalism. Bob’s skills have been leveraged to develop core relationships with stakeholders for business development, and he works with Churchill clients to develop results-oriented presentations for a wide array of audiences. He also aids clients in developing their communications to enhance both internal and external relationships.