Protests without people? Social and political change without a compelling story? Civil Rights without Rosa Parks or Emmit Till or the Freedom Riders? Not a chance. Most issues flatline without the power of a story.

John Falk has become a folk icon for an issue so off the political radar, and generally complicated it’s never included in public polls. But John’s protest against legal job discrimination is helping the movement to ban Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in Pennsylvania. John’s uncomplicated pitch, passionate and relationship building social media was a pretty successful hybrid.

In the modern tradition of one-man protests, John mapped a walk to The Capitol — exactly 89 miles from his front door to his congressman’s office. With a little help from enthusiastic friends and political backers, his website and Facebook page generated petition drive buzz while keeping new fans connected with quick video updates and posts.

Churchill’s Role: Project brand identity; photography; website development; media contact and coordination.